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Experty Crafted Coconut Coir Soil

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"The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun and heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul."




Expertly crafted garden soil with a fluffy, coconut coir base blended with plant-based compost, perlite, worm castings, Alaskan Humus and macro and micro nutrients. Loved by Veggies, Flowers and Plants alike.


Biochar Chips added to your soil encourages soil biodiversity, improves water and nutrient retention and lasts a lifetime!

Alaskan Humus

Our Alaska Humus is rich in beneficial microorganisms providing an essential addition to your soil. Rich, dark and responsibly sourced in our Anchorage location, your plants will love this soil amendment!


Clarity is the preferred medium for starting seeds and seedlings. Like all of our blends, fluffed coconut coir, plant-based compost, perlite and worm castings provide a beautiful base soil. Starter nutrients are blended in leaving the more experienced grower the opportunity to feed the seedlings additional custom amendments.


Cocorado is a small, woman-owned, organic soil producer located just north of Denver and east of Boulder in beautiful Erie, CO. Our facility incorporates both indoor and outdoor areas for year-round production. We use fluffed, OMRI-listed, coconut coir as the basis for our soil for optimum soil density allowing your roots to grow happy and healthy.

Our soils are blended with only the finest, organic ingredients to give your seedlings and young plants the very best start on their journey to full plant-hood. Read more about our soil blends and know that we are always willing to create a custom blend to meet your specific needs. In addition to our featured products, we also sell biochar, fluffed coconut coir, Alaskan Humus and the amendments that go into our soil blends. Please see our products page for details.

Using coconut coir as the base of our blends maximizes water retention, improves aeration and encourages deep root growth. Our coconut coir is sourced carefully to ensure low to no EC and a neutral ph. We fluff our coco with filtered Colorado water to ensure the very best base for your growing medium.

As a small company, we are able to work closely with the customer to provide the growing medium best suited for the plant and packaged for ease of handling. From loose, bulk yards, to super-sacks, to cubic foot bags- we have you covered. Our friendly staff are dedicated to our mission of happy growing and bountiful production for any crop!

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115 Cheesman Street

Erie, CO 80516

Call: 720-432-8497



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